Powering California:The Monterey Shale & California's Economic Future

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The Monterey Shale Formation, an oil-rich rock formation in Central California, is a potential gold mine of oil resources for California. Recent headlines attest to its increasing role in the state’s energy debate:

•    “Monterey’s black gold could jumpstart California’s Economy” (L.A. Daily News)
•    “Could Monterey Shale Save California?” (Investors.com)
•    “The battle is heating up over California’s vast Monterey shale field” (Examiner.com)
Powering California: The Monterey Shale & California’s Economic Future seeks to define the parameters of this debate. The study objectively assesses the potential economic consequences of shale-oil development for California’s economy.

Working from an economic model jointly created by a team of economists and engineers from the University of Southern California (USC) Price School of Public Policy and the USC Global Energy Network, the study concludes that “the prudent development of the Monterey Shale could add hundreds of thousands of new jobs to California over the next decade while stimulating economic growth and generating significant new state and local tax revenues.” The study also underscores the need for in-depth analysis of all relevant environmental, operational, and technological issues related to development of the Monterey Shale.

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Powering California
includes the 2013 study plus a previous 2011 study on California's Energy Future and educational programs. Click here for the 2011 study.